Search results come in 4 columns. (…more…)

  • A leading "line" number. Linked to a specialised display. (Often a barely useful, basic navigation; except when there's a customized template registerd for the class definition.
  • 3 columns in order subject, predicate, object: Each a term, URL, text or picture. Any column matching the query, thereby returning relevance context for the actual match.

A match is either a sqlite full text match of search term with a resource or a numeric match of the s, p or o parameter of the query. (The latter is indicated by the corresponding columns having all this value.)

search results

1183 ## Processing In Agreement Once the transaction request has been received by at least the qualified majority of the [commissioned peers][1] (as controlled by the configuration of the service) the pro see also replicates (Askemos)
1652 Non-Repudiation see also replicates (Askemos)
1518 Unilateral (Askemos) is subproperty of replicates (Askemos)
3164 replicates (BALL Core) see also replicates (Askemos)