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To Take A Snapshot

There is a form (currently above the table listing at the initial view of a fresh installation; but that may change over time) with a snapshot label (or localised equivalent) containing a single new button along with options (see below).

Push to create a fresh snapshot. (A link last snapshot will appear. It's out of scope of this posting how to deal with the OID in the link to archive this snapshot properly.)

The snapshot is an almost exact copy of the current state of the site. With one notable exception: a link to the logo - if there was any - is not retained in the snapshot.

This serves a very practical purpose: only those things which display a logo (in the upper right corner by now) are considered alive - everything else is probably a backup/documentary and (hopefully) disabled or they will be garbage collected at any time. In any case: there is normally no point in adding anything there. Post messages only when there is a logo.


  1. r/o: If checked the clone is set read-only.

    Notice: If your database is replicated over many peers – which would be the normal case – there is no reasonable way to modify the snapshot later. All commissioned peers would have to be taken down while the database is modified on disk. This requires to fix up several merkle-trees used to verify correct replication.

  2. publish: If checked the snapshot has protection set to allow public access. (Default: same as original.)

Normally only useful if used together with r/o.

Handy when you want to expose the internal structure as we'll need here soon for explanation.

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