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About Askemos

The Projekt Askemos

The project Askemos will compile a virtual library of ideas (information, processes, expressions, intellectual property - call them as you like) and support (archive and execute) them for the long run. A market place in the noosphere, the space of perception.

This space of preceptions called noosphere is a virtual object by itself. You can percieve it in your head or observe it's effects. You can't "have" it, but you can be part of it. For a library in the noosphere it's important not only to imagine it. You want to observe it. That's what the software "Askemos" is good for.

From the above goal we derive that askemos shall reflect concepts which concern: self preservation (askemos archives itself) and the basic mechanism of understanding, communication and trust.

The Software Askemos

The software Askemos, itself part of the project, is, technical speaking, an operating system. It implements the notions which are required to experience the noosphere. As such it's a possible infrastructure of the noosphere and hence a potential implementation of the technical base for the project.

Because every infrastructure is inherently will less, and Askemos defines an infrastructure which works between computers as well as in the brain, it must be an open system with unrestricted availability. And it is!